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Styrax - Hardy flowering 'Snowbell Trees'

After all the spectacular floral displays of the spring there is a temptation to assume that there is ‘nothing
much’ to see in Cornish woodland gardens in the summer. While my great grandfather, J C Williams, often
told summer visitors to Caerhays that ‘flowers got in the way of viewing plants properly’ it is a great
mistake to ignore what June and July has to offer from the styrax family in extending the flowering season.

Although there are said to be 130 different species of styrax worldwide I can only trace six species as having
arrived at Caerhays around 100 years ago. Today we are growing around 30 species and cultivars many of
which are completely new to the garden but quite a few are now nearing maturity. The purpose of this
pictorial article is therefore to enlighten and tempt readers to try more of the newer styrax introductions in
their own gardens.......

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