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Every year Caerhays and Burncoose hold a range of lectures in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society.

These lectures are presented by Charles Williams.

You are welcome to attend any of these lectures, please see individual lecture for details of booking.

2018 RHS Lecture Diary
Friday 16th March 2018 at Caerhays RHS Lecture The National Collection Of Magnolias At Caerhays by Charles Williams
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Friday 27th April 2018 at Burncoose House RHS Lecture Enkianthus And Chelsea Flower Show Preparations
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Thursday 14th June 2018 at Caerhays Castle RHS Lecture - Styrax - Hardy Flowering 'Snowbell Trees' by Charles Williams
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Past Lectures (some lectures covered more than one topic below)

Styrax - Hardy Flowering 'Snowbell Trees'
The history of the x williamsii Camellia
x williamsii hybrids bred and raised at Caerhays & Burncoose
How To Care for Camellias - Burncoose How to Article
How To Care for Magnolias - Burncoose How to Article
Hybridisation and Magnolias bred and raised at Caerhays & Burncoose
The history of Magnolias
The history and breeding of yellow Magnolias
Caerhays Castle - National Collection of Magnolias
RHS Lecture Rhododendrons known as 'The Smellies'
How To propagate Rhododendrons - Burncoose How to Article
Maples at Caerhays
Hydrangeas at Caerhays
Caerhays Podocarpus Collection
Evergreen Oaks at Caerhays
What makes a Champion Tree, and those at Caerhays
Tree Ferns and Australasians plants
Enkianthus - Why should they be more widely grown?
Eucryphias and other summer flowering plants