Main photo for Magnolias

Caerhays is famous for its magnolias, and they are joy to see in full glory during spring when the gardens are open to the public.

When you visit the garden you can see our National Collection of Magnolias

 MAGNOLIA 'Black Beauty'
 MAGNOLIA 'Centennial'
 MAGNOLIA 'Daphne'
 MAGNOLIA 'Daybreak'
 MAGNOLIA 'Daybreak'
 MAGNOLIA grandiflora
 MAGNOLIA 'Jersey Belle'
 MAGNOLIA 'Limelight'
 MAGNOLIA  'Mishiko Renge'
 MAGNOLIA 'Porcelain Dove'
 MAGNOLIA 'Sidbury'
 MAGNOLIA 'Stribling White'
 MAGNOLIA 'Sunset Swirl'
 MAGNOLIA 'Todd's Fortyniner'
 MAGNOLIA 'Woodsman Patriot'
 MAGNOLIA mollicomata
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